About Us

Throughout history, every age has brought its opportunities. People who had recognized those opportunities converted them to benefits, and were outstandingly distinguished. Opportunities constantly appear, as the wind blows and it will never cease. Today, in the era of IT (Information Technologies) wind of huge opportunities blow, yet only few use it to its full potential. HARIKALET is here to help you convert the wind of current opportunities into benefits. Remain an expert in the area which you already are in, but at the same time don’t let the wind of current opportunities blow around you in vain. Instead of that, let HARIKALET build you a windmill, so you can convert that potential into benefit, which will help you to grow, develop, expand your influence and increase your profit.

History tells us that only those brands which seized the opportunities of their time progressed and continued to exist until today. All others failed and became archival data. The statistics confirms that if you are not flexible, if you do not adapt to the changes brought by time, and utilize the opportunities that exist, it is only matter of time until your business will cease to exist.

IT opportunities which exist today are not optional; rather they determine the destiny of your business. If your business is not present on the internet today, that means that it will not exist at all tomorrow. However, even if your business is present on the internet, but it is not updated and does not follow the newest standards, it can be considered as being in the process of dying. However, now more than ever, your business profits have the potential to grow exponentially by utilizing IT opportunities.

HARIKALET is here to help you expanding your worldview, to stop thinking that current opportunities which IT offers are a luxury reserved only for the huge corporations, or affordable only to large companies. With the solutions that HARIKALET is offering you can also convert the potential of IT to business value. Just a few steps are dividing you from ensuring a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Don’t let the wind of current opportunities blow around you in vain. Convert its potential to increase your benefits. Let HARIKALET build your windmill!


Sasho Stojanovski
Founder and CEO

Sasho is an IT engineer, theologian, NGO president, public speaker and most of all a natural born entrepreneur. The love of God which he experiences everyday is his moving force. He lives for reflecting that love towards everybody, putting them before himself.

Stojanche Panov
Technical Director

Stojanche has a broad academic experience which is reflected in many scientific papers he has written in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly optimization algorithms. He also has many years of experience in web application development. With great love, he likes to share his knowledge with others, which makes Stojanche an exceptionally important part of Harikalet.

Vancho Mishov
Innovation Director

Vancho is a versatile, vision-driven person whose expertize especially comes to the fore where innovation, creativity and technology mingle. He seeks and develops ideas, handles innovation projects and takes care of their implementation. He applies strategies, organizes structures and processes which enable continuous improvement of Harikalet. Proactivity that is part of Vancho’s personality manifests itself in many ways, including the media evangelism activities which are stimulated by his desire to share his faith in God with others.

Vesna Stankovska
HR Director

Vesna was born for the role that she has in Harikalet. Her sincere love and care for each employee, her optimistic and encouraging spirit, her compassionate and understanding heart, her vision for each individual to continually progress and develop on both personal and professional level, her creativity in applying new approaches in a fast-changing environment and great demand for quality employees,… enable Harikalet to be a wonderful company for both employees and customers. Vesna’s love for God and neighbour is expressed in many ways, especially in her voluntarily work with the homeless community and socially disadvantaged families and individuals.

Dennis Møller
Marketing Director

Dennis has both IT and business expertise, and has developed a deep sense of recognizing where the latest information technologies and business can meet. On the one side his curious nature constantly drives him to discover new approaches and fresh marketing ideas. On the other side his strong analytical thinking helps him create and execute the most relevant campaigns, fitted for the particular products and services. He serves as an ordained elder, as his faithfulness to God is recognized by many.


Team above self

Great teams – and especially globally distributed – only work when everyone works together.

Focus on clients

Our business strategy is simple – if our clients do well, so do we.

Commitment to results

The success of your project is the only success metric that truly matters.

Passion of excellence

Our dedication to growth and improvement enhances the value we can deliver.

Reputation, honesty and professionalism

Nobody can buy reputation. That is why we work hard on reinforcing ours, one client partnership at a time.